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April 29, 2008



Oh, I like it when you don't work, too, you funny woman.


Damn, you accomplish a lot. I feel like a slug.


wow. you are getting the stuff done. i LOVED talking to you. how did i miss de?


I tried to open you up yesterday and my computer would not oblige!
I'm glad I cam back, if not just to see the pictures of your gorgeous children.


Wow, you're really good at recovering chairs. I may need you to come to my house.

the party sounds fun - I can't tell my kids because they'd want to do all that and we already have enough accidents around here.


time off is good if you have things to do i have time off college but all im doing is worrying about my entrance exam i may need to hire you as a freelance transatlantic chair re-upholsterer

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