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May 07, 2008



I love not working. I don't know how i had time to work before, what with all the lounging i like to do.


hmm gas prices are high in America i didn't know that everything is increasing in price these days diesel fuel is ridiculously high here coming to about $8 dollars a gallon equivalent walking is definitely the better option these days


Oh babe - of course you are happy and relaxed not working! Unless you are one of the lucky few that gets up each day and goes to your dream job...I mean, those people EXIST, right?


i love not working, too. it's amazing.


Yes. The last post resonates still.

But I am glad you are cheerful today....


ps. kick De's ass for me on one of your walks..


Why am I kicking her ass? Why? It will be easy for me to kick that tiny ass to Canarsie, I might add.


Wait. You mean not working can be relaxing? Fun? This is because mine are three right? Right? Please tell me that's right or give me the secret to your zen.

--I know it's cause they're three.

I was thinking the same thing about my vegetable garden. Hey, any money saved is saved.


OH LORDY, no, I didn't mean not working as in staying home and HAVING SMALL CHILDREN. No No No, that's not the same thing at all. My kids are BIIIIIGGG. They spend all day at SCHOOOOL. This is a very different kind of not working, like actually NOT WORKING. Please forgive me for not pointing that VERY BIG FACT out. You, girl, have your work cut out for you. I am sorry, but I have done that, and I'm not sorry to not be doing that.


At least your future president does not claim that taking a shower will prevent you from getting Aids. Sigh...

Start studying. Then you will be too stressed to worry about not making any money. Trust me, it works :)


Woman...I miss ya~


No need for us to bury our heads, when the President has already buried his own....

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