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June 03, 2008



roast chicken right out of the oven is really pretty hard to resist. And you probably don't need to shower now because you smell good, like roast chicken. (I noticed this phenomenon the day I baked cakes for no good reason other than hours wasted and calories consumed - I smelled soooo good. I couldn't believe everyone at the library story time did not want to be my BFF. But no one did, not even the kids. Huh. So, on second thought, take the shower.)

Well, we've cleared up why Mr. Worry is the way he is, haven't we? Apple, meet Tree.

Can't even comment on the workers without gagging. I noticed one of the carpenters coming back out of our woods the other day. I figured he had to pee, and seriously, it would be less bother for him to use the bathroom. Unless his pee can somehow kill mosquitos. Then we might have a deal.

PS. I like wine.


I love it when other people complain. I feel so much better already!

crazymumm a

ew. human poop??????


Dude - I would SO report those workers...peeing in the woods is one thing, shitting is a health hazard. Call the company they work for and tell a supervisor you are calling the Health Department.

And I don't even know WHAT to say about the shower thing because I have met you, Mrs. Capacious, and I bet even your farts smell like roses. You can tell Stephen to put THAT in his pipe and smoke it!


PS - Did you ever rent Clay Pigeons?


PS - I tagged you. You're welcome.


They are building a new train track through the bottom of my favorite field and the workers have been using the whole neighborhood as their toilet. Getting into a small car with three dogs who are delighted that someone left them a nice something to eat is no joke. And its everywhere, no matter where I try to walk them. So I feel your rage. ooohhhh. oooohhhh.

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