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June 08, 2008



that is a long "5 things" to-do list.


Great work.

In fact, you so obviously had so much fun writing it that I'm jealous and similarly want to bask in the glory of a meme well done.

Also? $1 billion isn't what it used to be. So futureproof yourself and make it $5 billion. By the time we retire, that should still be enough to put food on the table. (*Good* food, too).


I wanna come have snacks witch you - why don't I live CLOSER?


I like this meme, really. But I like it even better to hear from you. You know how it is, I'm reading that many blogs that sometimes it takes a new post from somebody to remind me that I haven't heard from you in a while.

I also, in real life, only meet people who either ask me what a blog is, or rant on about "user-generated content" and what a waste of time it is. Sometimes both. Not once has somebody asked me for the url of my blog. Not once.


one of your favorite snacks is my favorite snack, too. can you guess which?


my MIL and FIL xerox the crossword puzzle every day so they don't fight about it. of course, they bicker about everything else...

i love the idea of a swimming pool moat - especially since it was 98 yesterday!


I shout at my dogs and my boyfriend, think unkind thoughts and scorn my blessings. Yet deep inside I always knew I am a good person.

And finally you've confirmed it. Have I not commented here scores of times??



Well, gee, I was twirling about the grocery store with my parasol, too. It's a darn shame we didn't bump into one another shopping for snacks!

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