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July 30, 2008



Everything Does Not Need To Have a Title.

Man, you have been busy. When i used to work, i wondered if i was the only mom who did.


Oh, that is the best kind of surf to swim in! The kind where you really might drown! I can remember some hurricanes while we were at the Cape. My mom always let me swim in it, too. Tony never does. Well, he does, but he grouses a lot about having to be in it with me, to rescue me.

I went to Lowe's (it's newer and brighter than Home Depot) and bought all sorts of things on Tuesday. Brought half back yesterday because the shit wasn't right. I hate home improving. We pulled ALL the weeds on the patio. It's really much nicer now - you should come back.

I've gotta go. Um...no. I'm not looking up Yvette Mimieux. NOT.


dude....I've missed you. This post is all kinds of hilarious ~ just like you.


hey i missed u love the post made me smile i checked religiously here everyday and such a nice treat to see another post


its just not fair i studied photography and your photos still rock over mine oh well glad to see your back and with a lovely jolly post in tow




How cool to see a new post and such a long engagingly funny one.

I also love those huuuge waves that turns the world on its head for just a couple of seconds. Sort of like the hanged man tarot card :)


Just having you back again makes my heart a gazillion times bigger.

Those waves look freakin fantastic!

I don't 'work' either. And I wish I did, but who the hell would employ me.

Jeanne the Whale

Welcome back! I've missed you. I'm so jealous of your time at the beach especially since we missed out this year! It sounds loverly.


me neither. same same! so delighted that there is someone like me out there - although it seems you achieve LOTS more than me. also have a houseful of kids - mine and heaps of OPC other peoples children. flip. the sea sounded scary. DELIGHTED to have found your delicious blog! xx bisous xx janelle


Even though I'm late as usual, I'm happy to see that you're posting again. Only for selfish reasons though.

So you're at the beach, how nice. I'll put that on my "place to go"-list right now.

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