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August 12, 2008



ditto. but tell me this, seriously, what IS getting ones act together? WHO gets their act together when you're raising kids and all? (guess i should try cut down on the cab sav and stuff, but still..)you're house sounds like its full of love and fun! i reckon you've got your act together girl! Hooah! XX janelle


Oh yes, and champagne ~ pizza & champagne. I love reading your posts...


I envy all the laughing.


I almost cried when I read about Ty's sleepover. I'm so glad he has all of those friends, and when I think that Jessica doesn't really have any, that a sleepover just wouldn't be successful for her, I ache for her. (I compare them because they are the same age - 11 this summer.) Maybe things will change this year. I'll have hope - yeah, that's what I'll do!

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