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August 23, 2008



I love your painting. I have always had such admiration for your artistic talents. I should show you some of Caitlyn's paintings of late...maybe I'll put them on my blog, what a concept!


My god! I had no idea you were such an artist. i want to eat that peach.


You are so talented and those hydrangea are amazing.


Beautiful! Beautiful!
But -- are you magical? How is that vase balanced on the too-small window ledge in the glads photo?
The gorgeous colorful blossoms you can't remember the name of are zinnias -- one of my absolute summer faves! (Though I adore hydrangeas too -- they remind me of my grandparents's house at the beach)
And the paintings! Huzzah! Keep doing that -- we've touched on how motivation gets lost when one's time is unstructured and you save it for when everyone wants a piece of you -- but do set aside time for it to "rain and pour"!


Oh Anne - It's been so long since you posted any paintings. I love them and glad you got the chance to create. And I had no idea you had a black thumb lurking in your past - those white dahlias are magical.


awesome paintings! totally impressed. totally. don;t stop. xx janelle


How beautiful. Go on painting, woman. These are great.

And the pictures of your flowers made me happy. I'll have to venture outside in the rain and look if there are any flowers left in the garden.

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