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September 15, 2008



OMG -woman, you make me laugh. I can't wait for the powdery stage!

And those boys, methinks, are experts at pushing your buttons. You are right to second-guess.


tony read an article about how easy it is to emigrate to New Zealand. He's already looking into during his spare time.

Today is picture day & Fiona decided to have a fit about having to wear a uniform to school in general, but today especially. Luckily I remembered how she said that she never wanted to miss a day of school because there is so much work to make up, so I told her any day she didn't want to wear her uniform, she didn't have to, but she had to stay home from school.


oh man. i just love reading your life because its so similar to mine. and sometimes i think its the universe trying to tell me something - you know - when its the kids verses a normal life..? god. you live on funny lady!!! and thanks for sharing. its inspirational! XX janelle


Palin scares me so bad. You can move in with me okay?

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