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September 05, 2008



I like the look of the ones that are NOT on the model. Please show an example of a shoe that you would spend $900 on, because my imagination is blank.

As someone who had Town Officials on her property and spent a week or so waiting for a certified letter last month, I can attest to the paranoia that comes with thinking one's neighbors have ratted. But we're new here & no one speaks to us.

Those particular neighbors regularly get their noses out of joint, so I'm glad you're over it.


What a waste. The neighbors i mean. And how fucked of them to not at least ask you about it. I think i'd be offended if i were you.


oh man. people can be so idiotic. sorta like shoes.


Umm, my response to both?

What the........?

They could have at least ASKED you! And I am a fan of heels, but not these, nosir.


wow. i feel better now. that whole scenario sounds like something that would happen to me.

and the shoes? umm...no. i already have small canoes for feet.


god! weird neighbours man. jeez. at least mine just storm into my house and shout the hell outta me. furck. and those shoes?? whoa. what? i love your writing. you are FUNNY! XX janelle


My jaw also dropped.


THey're Prada. You know SOMEONE's going to be wearing them this fall.

Love your comparison to Gehry! Very apt!

P.S. My neighbor got mad at me about two years ago. We rarely speak now, though the kids still romp together.

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