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September 03, 2008



Go ahead and get signed up for the temping (what about subbing? Or would that be insane?). Or sleep. You know which I would choose.

Yesterday I had a mammogram and actually remembered NOT to wear deodorant. Sadly, I forgot to put in on afterward, so PHEW.


The minute you get a decent temp gig is when you will find out about the job, so by all means....


oh dishevelled one. I am sure you smell just fine. It is how you' re feeling, all afloat that makes you think you smell.


Sleep - that's my choice - :-)~ Nanner needs to get outta the house!! Best thing I found out is once you have a job it's easiest to find a new one.... i sent you an email.... on my way to Dallas next week - I'll hug T's boys for you!


I thought temping was kind of fun. I got to see all sorts of weird things, and then i could just leave.

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