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November 06, 2008



Nice red nails, m'dear.

Even though you are a blur, I can absolutely make out T's eyebrows on your face.

Jeez, you didn't know me yet at that age. You wanna see some really bad pictures of a chubby girl with braids? Nah.


'bout time too gal!!! been waiting and waiting..and bingo this morning your blog shot to the top of the pile..hooah! and yes. the entire world is blissed out by mr obama...he is THE BEST. he has given the entire planet HOPE. and that's already enough, in my books. his job is SO hard...anyway. so happy you are back and at it...and doing projects until late at night. super mum! love and bisous x janelle


Yee-ha!!! I love it when you post.

I think I had french braids exclusively from age 8-12. They are in EVERY photo!!!

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