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November 17, 2008



But that's what one always does, isn't it? Every time I have to get up early I stay up late. It's a law, or something.

I'm glad to hear about your new job.
And I have been guilty of list-posts myself.
It's nice to hear from you.


I'll keep my fingers crossed for Stephen.

I stay up WAY too late on the regular.


hoorah you were sitting up and sipping wine and writing on your blog! hoorah! more more please. x janelle


1. I'm craving a honest to goodness job after all this studying but I still have 2 years to go.

2. We might also be out on the street soon. On a property where ten people live we are the only two paying towards the bond.

3. I hope your husband remains standing.

4. I wish I was Babara Kingsolver writing a book about growing my own vegetables.


yay to drunken blogging!


what is a blawg, anyway? :-)


Guys behind me on the train were talking about law firm profits this year -- Guy A cited one firm that had a huge profit (bonuses for the partners!) and were laying off 15 secretaries next week.

Good luck to you -- and hey, I'm with you on being 75 -- we'll take over the world.

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